When Should I Instruct an Attorney After Having an Accident?

After having an accident, most people feel disoriented and overwhelmed. During this challenging time, you may find yourself wondering, “When should I call an attorney after having an accident?”  

If you are involved in an accident that causes injury to you or someone else, call and inform your attorney immediately.

Your attorney will immediately start the investigation while the evidence is still fresh and assist you in piecing the case.

Calling the attorney immediately after the accident is essential when protecting your rights and ensuring you receive fair compensation for damages.

Speaking to your attorney right after the accident gives you the knowledge needed to make informed decisions and secure the best outcome.

Still not convinced why you should contact an attorney immediately after the accident? Keep reading to find out more.

Reasons You Should Call an Attorney Right Away After an Accident

1. To Ensure the Protection Of Your Legal Rights From the Onset

Involvement in an accident leaves you with many legal complexities. Knowing your legal entitlements and privileges under the law can be helpful.

Consulting with your attorney after an accident is the first step to safeguarding your legal rights from the outset.

An experienced lawyer will guide you through the complex legal process. The involvement of an attorney protects you from potential pitfalls and ensures you don’t compromise the case.

2. Your Attorney Will Communicate with the Insurance Company

Insurance companies are after a profit and aim to minimize the compensation they pay. In some cases, they even extend to denying an utterly valid claim.

An experienced attorney will ensure you receive your rightful claims after an accident. Therefore, instructing an attorney to handle communications and negotiations with the insurance company is wise.

Involving an attorney right after the accident ensures the preservation of fresh evidence so the insurer does not say or do anything that could harm your claim case.

Typically, the legal representative will:

  • Handle all details for your claim
  • Present to the insurer a written or verbal statement
  • Negotiate with the adjuster

The attorney will represent your best interest and fight for your compensation rights.   

3. Prove Other Parties Liability For Your Injuries

One of the complex parts of an accident case is proving liability for injuries. Attorneys specializing in accident cases have extensive knowledge and expertise in handling proof of liability.

Ideally, an attorney will analyze factors such as negligence, duty of care, breach of duty, causation, and damages and use the evidence to build a persuasive argument in the client’s favor.

In addition, an attorney can work with an accident reconstruction expert to recreate the scenes and provide insights into the accident’s occurrence.

4. An attorney Ensures Timely Filing and Meets Legal Deadlines.

Statutes of limitation specify how long you must file a lawsuit against someone for harming you. In a personal injury case, the statute of limitation may vary from one state to another.

Besides, your insurance policy may have a set period to notify them of a claim.

Failing to adhere to the deadlines results in losing your right to seek compensation. Therefore, engage an experienced attorney early so there is enough time to fill the necessary paperwork.  

5. An Attorney Provides Legal Guidance

Insurance policies have contractual clauses explaining the responsibilities of each party. Understanding the details can take time and effort.

An attorney can educate you about your rights and explain various clauses applicable to your accident case.

Therefore, contact an experienced attorney to read the insurance policy and decipher the legality surrounding them.

The attorney will advise you if the insurance company acts in good faith and guide you through the claim process.

Apart from the clauses applicable to your insurance, many laws and regulations may apply to your accident and personal injury claim case.

A trained attorney could make the difference in whether you win the case and improve your chances of obtaining compensation.


So, you now know that you should contact the attorney immediately after the accident. Generally, an experienced car accident attorney near you can make your life easier.

The attorney’s knowledge, investigative skills, and access to experts can help you establish proof of liability for your injuries.

Finally, contacting the attorney while the evidence is fresh can be invaluable in building a solid case and maximizing the chances of obtaining full compensation.