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Despite Rideshare Apps, DUIs Continue to be a Huge Problem.

Ridesharing is more popular than ever thanks to companies like Uber and Lyft. One of the reasons why people support ridesharing is the idea that it could reduce the number of drunk drivers on the road. After all, with ridesharing literally at your fingertips, why would you ever need to worry about finding a ride home? But has ridesharing really helped the drunk driving problem? Research in some states suggests that driving under the influence (DUI) is still a very real, and even growing, problem. In Washington state, research shows that DUIs have increased 27.9% since 2009. The state also has...

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Does Poor Road Design Contribute to Pedestrian Injuries in L.A.?

Pedestrian accidents are far too common on Los Angeles roadways. Many of these accidents are caused by the actions of drivers, but sometimes they are the result of poor road design. But does poor road design contribute to pedestrian injuries in L.A.? In 2017, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) analyzed roads, bridges and infrastructure in cities across the United States. California was graded a “D” for road conditions. The problems noted included:         Congestion, delays and auto accidents are “increasingly caused” by poor road design and conditions.         Unsafe roads in...

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What does FLOAT (“fly over all traffic”) mean for L.A. commuters?

It is no secret that commuters in Los Angeles spend a long time in traffic. In fact, more than 750,000 commuters spend three or more hours behind the wheel. These unfortunate drivers have been dubbed “super commuters.” These commuters are drivers who travel in traffic, and does not include the commuters using rideshare services or public transportation. With L.A. already congested and built to capacity, it is no wonder that alternative commuting options are now being presented to drivers. But are we ready to embrace air commuting? That’s what the founders of FLOAT hope for. What is FLOAT? FLOAT is a commuter flight...

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Motor Vehicle Crashes are the Number One Cause of Death and acquired Disability for Latino Children in the U.S.

The Latino population in the United States has increased dramatically since 1990. Currently, Latinos make up 13 percent of the U.S. population, but that is expected to rise to 24 percent by 2050. As the Latino population increases, there are public safety concerns about motor vehicle accident rates, seat belt use and fatality rates among this population. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, seat belt use among the Latino community is low, and it is not expected to increase along with the population. This is extremely concerning given the motor vehicle accident rates among the Latino community. Motor vehicle...

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Are Latinos More at Risk of Traffic Injuries/Fatalities? Research shows Latinos Face Transportation Inequities

According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, there is a link between where you live and how healthy you are. Based on this statement, you might consider factors like housing, access to fresh foods and access to a healthy water supply. One of the factors that you might not consider as relevant to a healthy community is transportation. Research shows that Latino communities in the United States face transportation inequities that impact health and safety. Such inequities include: · Unsafe streets · Unsafe or unstable biking and...

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California Fires Worsen Traffic: How Do You Get Around It?

California is already notorious for having bad traffic, congestion and long commute times. But with the wildfires currently arising, many commuters are calling their drive “nightmarish.” The numerous wildfires blazing across the state have been fueled by high winds. The result are many highways and roads have been shut down. For Californian’s, the disruption in an already frustrating commute is almost unbearable. Portions of Interstate 405 have been shut down, as has Route 101. With thousands of acres burning, officials don’t know when or where roads could be shut down next. So how can commuters avoid the chaos and upended GPS...

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What does the Uber/Lyft Ban mean for LAX Traffic?

The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is as notorious for bad traffic and congestion as the rest of the city. In an effort to reduce some of the curbside chaos at the airport, officials have placed a ban on curbside ridesharing pickups. Effective October 29th, the new ban means that Uber and Lyft will no longer be able to stop along the curb in order to pick up fares. Instead, Uber and Lyft drivers are being designated a parking lot just east of Terminal 1. There, rideshare drivers can wait for fares, and passengers will know where to go. But what does...

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Will Uber’s “Ride Check” Feature Help Passenger Safety?

When we think about passenger safety in a vehicle, the conversation generally relates to safety in the event of an auto accident. In the case of Uber, however, the conversation relates to passenger safety of another type - safety from sexual assault. On September 25, The Washington Post published an article discussing Uber’s special investigations unit. These 80 specialized employees investigate and handle incident reports from Uber passengers. Per Uber policy, they do not route complaints to police, and they do not encourage passengers to seek legal counsel. In response to the highly-critical article in The Washington Post, Uber has announced plans...

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Can You Sue if You Were Hit by a Car While Jaywalking?

If you have ever paid attention to sidewalks and crosswalks in Los Angeles, you know that jaywalking is common. This is, of course, illegal. But what happens if someone who is jaywalking is hit by a car? Can they sue the driver of the car that hit them? Possibly. It depends on the details of the accident. For example:         If you were jaywalking and ran out in front of traffic and were hit by a car, you will be solely at fault. Most likely,              the driver did no wrong. ...

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 Driver vs. Company: Who is Liable in a Truck Accident?

You may have had a close call between your vehicle and a tractor-trailer. Or, you may be recovering from a truck accident. In either case, you are likely visiting this site because you need information about a truck accident claim and your legal rights. At Sunset West Legal Group, P.C. one of the most common truck accident questions we are asked about truck accidents is who is responsible? Determining liability in a truck accident can be difficult because you often have multiple parties involved, including the driver and the trucking company. So who is liable when a truck accident happens? Who is...

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