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Dog bites often cause long-term trauma.

Around 1,000 people each day require medical treatment for dog bites and 4.7 million are bitten each year. Additionally, dog bites can leave lifelong injuries and scarring. Injuries from dog bites, particularly those to the face, may require expensive reconstructive surgery. It is also common for those suffering from dog bites to suffer emotional trauma and develop a fear of dogs, especially children. In fact, the majority of dog bites involve children and the injuries can impact your child for the rest of his or her life. Dog bites often involve serious and long lasting injury.

Only 15-20% of dog bites involve an unknown dog or owner. Most of the time the victim of a dog bite is familiar with the dog and the owner of the dog. This often puts the victim in the awkward position of having to bring suit against a friend, neighbor or acquaintance. The dog owner’s home owner’s insurance will generally cover dog bites. Thus, an experienced dog bite attorney can generally settle the case with the insured, making a lawsuit unnecessary.

If you or a family member has suffered a dog bite, some of the following steps you should take are:

  • Seek medical treatment. Dog bites, especially where there is a puncture wound, will require antibiotics and may require sutures. If the dog cannot be identified or if the owner cannot provide proof of vaccinations preventative measures against rabies will be needed.
  • Take pictures of your injuries and the dog
  • If the owner of dog is absent or unknown it may be necessary to contact animal control or the police
  • Identify the breed of dog involved. If the breed is unknown write down a detailed description

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