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“I was hit by another car while the other driver was making a left hand turn and crashed right into me. I had sprained wrist and lower back pains. Mr. Kashani sent me to really great doctors and I am very happy with him and his staff. He was very attentive and helpful during the entire process.


At the end of all of this I received a very nice settlement and so happy about it. Thank you to Mr. Kashani and your staff for all your help and expertise. I definitely recommend.” – Dana P.


“I met and became acquainted with Mr. Kashani after my previous attorney was not capable of continuing my case to a trial. Mr. Kashani was able to step in and not only settle my case before trial, but he was able to secure a much larger settlement for me. I am very pleased by his work ethic and professionalism. I would certainly recommend him to my friends and family!” – David G.


“Thank you! Mr. Kashani was professional and always available to answer my questions even while he was on vacation. I was very anxious going through this process and he was calming and patient, never making me feel like he did not have time for me. I feel lucky to have found him in Los Angeles.” – Shervin K.


“Mr. Kashani was an amazing lawyer. I got rear ended while I was stopped at a red light while the other car was going very fast. I got a sprained wrist and three herniated disks in my neck. He was there every step of the way, always returned my phone calls quickly and got me a settlement amount beyond what I ever imagined. I highly recommend Mr. Kashani and have already referred him to two other friends. Thank you for all of your dedication and commitment for my case.” – Diana R.


“Unfortunately, our family has had the need to use a couple PI attorneys over the years to assist us in our claims. We were referred to Mr. Kashani from a tenant in our building. I have to say that I had an amazing experience with him. Most attorneys just try to settle the case ASAP to get quick money, but he really had a lot of patience with me and what I wanted. His prediction of the end result of the case was almost 100% accurate and even a bit higher than my expectations. 


I would only be writing this review if I knew that Mr. Kashani was 100% professional, ethical and a great attorney. He’s in the middle of helping my other friend for his PI case and so far he’s really happy with him too!” – Elizabeth G.


“I was getting my eyebrows waxed at the beauty salon when the chair I was sitting in just broke! I fell back hurting my neck and now have three herniated disks. 


Mr. Kashani sent me to the most amazing chiropractor that has helped tremendously ease my neck pain and make it easy to function throughout the day now. His approach to achieving justice was done beautifully through equitable assessment and representation of the case and was flawless. His attention to detail and preparation carry and presented my needs as a client. He was always responsive to my phone calls and showed true care and concern. 


Mr. Kashani led me to a settlement beyond what I had expected. I now have more than I need for doctor visits and comfortable in continuing therapy in my healing process. I am beyond appreciative for everything he did to help me in this very emotional and painful time. Thank you so much!” – Lina M.


“I was referred to Mr. Kashani by a friend and so happy and pleased I had the opportunity to have him on my side. I was driving when another car made a left hand turn and crashed right into me. I got a sprained wrist and whiplash on my neck. I was extremely sore and tense because of the accident and Mr. Kashani sent me to the best chiropractor to help ease the pain from my very first visit to the doctor. 


He is very professional, efficient, genuinely cares about his clients and continuously updated me on the status of my case. I would highly recommend and refer him. 


Thank you for getting me all the help I needed, sending me to the amazing doctor and getting me a settlement way beyond what I ever imagined possible. This money paid off all my medical bills, gave me enough money to have for future visits to the doctor and plenty for just my pain and suffering. You have been an amazing lawyer and I am truly grateful for all your hard work. Thank you!” – Emily R.

$ 535000

Auto v Auto

Los Angeles, CA

$ 500000

Auto v Auto

Lake Tahoe CA

$ 100000

Auto v Auto

Rosamond, CA

$ 75000

Auto v Auto

Orange, CA

$ 68000

Auto v Auto

Los Angeles, CA

$ 125000

Auto Accident

Carl H.

$ 175000

Auto Accident

Manfred W.

$ 237500

Auto Accident

Gregory J.

$ 75000

Auto Accident

Chod W.

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