We hold companies accountable for the behavior of their drivers and the safety of their vehicles.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents and Your Rights

The at-fault party is generally deemed responsible for all damages incurred, and is expected to provide financial remuneration to restore the accident victims standard of living to what it was prior to the accident. This means that the victim can seek compensation for property damage, medical treatment, pain and suffering, current and future loss of earnings, future medical and rehabilitation expenses and diminished quality of life. As professionals held to a higher standard, most commercial vehicle drivers carry insurance policies with higher limits that can translate into higher awards. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, drivers, truck owners, manufacturers, the government or other negligent third party could be held accountable for your losses.

Wrongful Death Due To Commercial Vehicle Accident

Beyond injury, some accidents involving commercial vehicles, result in the death of a loved one. While nothing can be done to bring that loved one back, in such cases there are grounds for a lawsuit that seeks financial recompense. The court system understands the high cost of a loss of life. They are aware that in addition to the pain and suffering of the loss, that there are economic repercussions. If the deceased was a source of income for the household, the loss of the income they provided needs to be considered in any award sought in a lawsuit.

How To Determine Commercial Vehicle Accident Liability

Like any accident, the cause of a commercial vehicle accident can be attributed to variety of factors. A distracted, careless or negligent driver can be the cause of an accident, as can mechanical failure. An experienced attorney can accurately evaluate and determine liability discovering who should be held at fault, whether it is vehicle manufacturers, distributors, retailers, governmental entities and drivers are all parties that may be held liable for commercial vehicle accidents.

Common Contributing Factors of Commercial Vehicle Accidents

  • Mechanical Defect
  • Human Error
  • Environmental Issues

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