What You Should Have in Your Car in Case of an Emergency

Our cars are an extension of ourselves and our home. Many of us spend thousands of hours in our cars as part of our commute or traveling. Some people even spend more time in their car than they do their home.

With this in mind, it makes sense that our cars be equipped for an emergency. While jumper cables and a flashlight are a good start, there is more to emergency-preparedness on the road.

Emergency Preparedness and Your Car

Consider these ideas for what you should have in your car in case of an emergency:

  •         Wheel winch and car jack
  •         Fix-a-Flat
  •         Clean oil
  •         Clean water
  •         A first-aid kit
  •         Fire extinguisher
  •         Duct tape
  •         Snacks and bottled water
  •         Emergency blanket
  •         Flares
  •         A compass

Depending on the season and where you are driving, you may also want to take additional measures to be prepared in the event of a breakdown, becoming lost, or having to wait for help to respond. Additional emergency preparation items include:

  •         Tarp
  •         Fire starter kit
  •         Candles
  •         Change of clothes
  •         Weather-appropriate shoes
  •         Walkie-talkie
  •         Battery-operated fan
  •         Windshield scraper
  •         Shovel

While we all hope to never need this sort of emergency gear, it is best to hope for the best and prepare for an emergency. Having proper tools in your vehicle can help prevent illness or injury. Unfortunately, your preparedness cannot foresee what other drivers will do in a similar situation. Be aware and alert, and always obey traffic laws.