What To Do If You Witness a Car Accident

With more than six million car accidents occurring every year, the chances that you will witness one at some point are pretty good. You, like many other drivers, may be wondering what you should do if you witness a car accident. Do you stop and try to help? What if someone is injured – do you try to assist them?

Of course, car accidents are stressful situations, but if you witness one, it is important that you stay calm, cool, and collected. Be prepared by remembering these five tips for what to do if you witness a car accident.

1. Get Out of Danger: Car accident scenes can be dangerous. Get out of danger by:

-Moving to the side of the road

-Put on your hazard lights

-Never approach vehicles that are on fire or smoking

-Beware of driving over debris, such as broken glass or car parts

2. Call 911: No matter how severe the accident seems to be, you should always call 911. Provide the address and any other relevant information.

3. Do Not Perform Medical Treatment: This is more of a “what NOT to do”. Use your best judgment when it comes to CPR or First-Aid. If help is on the way and the victim is stable, do not attempt to perform medical treatment.

4. Stabilize Vehicles: Assist in stabilizing vehicles by moving them to the roadside (if possible), or turning off the ignition.

5. Give a Statement: Give a statement to police detailing your involvement in the accident scene. Also provide your contact information to the parties involved and the police in case you are contacted as a witness.