What Can I Do if Someone Defames Me?

Defamation is one of those areas of law that people refer to, but often don’t really understand. Where is the line between speaking your mind and defaming someone? The answer is in whether or not what the other person is saying causes you harm.

Defamation Must Cause Actual Harm

The definition of defamation is when someone tells others an untruth about you, and you are harmed as a result. That harm may include harm to your reputation, relationships, or business. But in order to file a lawsuit against someone for defaming you, you must be able to prove that what they said caused actual harm.

Let’s put it this way – if someone goes around publicizing that you put raw oysters in your ice cream, it is likely that some people will be a bit grossed out, and others may find you odd. But that doesn’t mean that it has caused you actual harm. It may be untrue, but you likely won’t lose your job or established relationships as a result.

However, if someone says that you had an inappropriate relationship with a minor, and as a result you lose your job, then you have suffered actual harm as a result of their untruth.

What Can I Do?

If someone has defamed you, the best thing you can do is contact Sunset West Legal Group, P.C. Our attorneys can evaluate your situation and determine if you have an actionable claim. Further, we know what defamation claims – including slander and libel – require. We can help you gather evidence, defend your legal and civil rights, and get you the justice you deserve.