What are the Worst Traffic Times on LA Freeways?

The volume of traffic on Los Angeles roadways is one of the most common complaints about the City of Angels. According to an Urban Mobility Scorecard and data gathered by Inrix, LA drivers spend an estimated 104.1 hours of time every year stuck in traffic. That equates to more than $1,700 in excess fuel consumption and time wasted.

What are the Worst Traffic Times on LA Roadways?

In terms of how LA freeways compare to other road systems in the United States, it may come as little surprise that six of the top 10 congested roadways in the U.S. are located in Los Angeles County. The top three roadways include:

Highway 101 South – Between Vignes St and Topanga Canyon Blvd – Driving on 101 South is worst on Wednesday mornings starting at 8 a.m. According to data, the average time it takes to travel this 26-mile stretch of road is 58 minutes during peak times.

Highway 101 North – Between Haskell Ave and Soto St– Driving on 101 North is also worst on Wednesday’s, but in this case, it is the evening hours. According to data, Wednesday’s beginning at 6 p.m. are the worst travel time, with an average peak commute time of 46 minutes.

Interstate 10 East – Betweel Alameda St and 20th St– I-10 East is the third most congested roadway in LA, with a worst travel time of Wednesday evenings. Data indicates that Wednesday’s beginning at 5 p.m. are the worst, with it taking an average of 49 minutes to travel this 15-mile stretch of freeway.

Based on data from Inrix, it appears that Wednesday and Friday mornings and evenings are the worst travel times for most LA roadways. There are variables, with some roads reportedly being worse on Tuesday or Thursday, but overall, Wednesday and Friday are the days you want to make sure you have lots of water and a stress ball on hand.