Trains and Train Crossing – Annoying but Dangerous

We have all been there. Sitting at a train crossing with the lights flashing and gates down. But where is the train? There might be a train, or the signals might be crossed. Yes, the lights are flashing, but there is no train in sight. What should you do? Some people, will take risks, such as:

  • Driving through the gates
  • Performing an illegal u-turn
  • Attempting to “beat” the train

These actions are not only dangerous, but they are illegal.

Train Crossing Violations

Studies have shown an alarming number of people choose to violate train crossing laws. In the United States, research shows that male drivers between 25-35 are most likely to take these risks. Male drivers are involved in

  • 77% of fatal highway accidents
  • 64% of train crossing violations

Law enforcement around the U.S. has started to use photo enforcement to deter drivers from illegally crossing. The results have shown up to a 69% reduction in violations in areas where photo enforcement is used.

Dangers of Train Tracks

The most obvious danger of illegally crossing train gates is the risk of being hit by the train. There are other dangers, however. These dangers include:

  • Drivers making illegal u-turns or backup movements
  • Drivers becoming angry (road rage)
  • Drivers speeding through the crossing
  • Drivers attempting to beat the gates and getting struck

In these instances, you could be injured due to the other driver’s poor choices. In such cases, contact a personal injury attorney to learn more about your legal rights.