Tragic Accident Leads To Early Morning Act of Humanity on The 105

Drivers in Los Angeles may recall a horrifying truck accident that occurred on Westbound 105 on August 24th. A fuel tanker and an SUV collided on the freeway causing a “fireball” to erupt from the wreckage. Witnesses reported seeing the SUV speeding through traffic before the accident happened, and both drivers hit the concrete divider. Both drivers involved died in the collision, and traffic was snarled for hours as officers investigated and cleared the scene.

In an unusual turn of events, this tragic accident led to an unusual display of humanity and kindness. Perhaps our faith in humanity can be slightly restored.

Taco Truck on the 105 Offers Food and Kindness

The accident happened around 5:15 in the morning, so many drivers who were stranded were in commute to work or nearby LAX. In the midst of a horrifying and, no doubt, frustrating situation, the operators of a food truck also stuck in traffic decided to make the best of a bad situation (and show that kindness isn’t totally nonexistent).

While stuck in traffic, a handful of motorists approached the food truck asking if they had “something to eat”. Rather than turn the stranded motorists away, the food truck, selling tacos and burritos, opened up shop in the middle of the freeway offering service to stranded drivers. The taco truck reportedly mostly sold breakfast burritos to the motorists.

Overhead photos posted online later that day show a line of motorists at the taco truck, with lines of stopped cars all around. The owner of the food truck reported later that he was proud of what his employees had done that morning. Stories like this one are hard to come by, but show how a little bit of kindness in the midst of chaos can make a tragic situation a little less so for those nearby.