Sports Events and Traffic on The 110 Freeway

Los Angeles has become nationally recognized for traffic snarls and congested freeways. There is no better example than the 110 freeway. The 110 freeway is the oldest freeway in California, and is a hub for commuters between downtown L.A., Pasadena, and San Pedro. Not only is the 110 freeway a hub for commuters, but also for sports fans.

Sports Events and Traffic on The 110 Freeway

The 110 freeway travels through some of the most popular areas of L.A. There are a variety of venues along the 110 freeway that house sports events, and during peak seasons, house millions of locals and visitors. Unfortunately, the variety of sports events held in L.A. means there is little break from “peak season”. Consider the following:

Dodger Stadium

The 110 freeway has exits for Dodger Stadium, home of Major League Baseball’s Los Angeles Dodgers. In 2018, more than 3.8 million people visited Dodger Stadium. That is a lot of extra vehicles on the 110 freeway.

Staples Center

Staples Center is a multi-event venue that offers around 250 major events each year. Staples Center is home to the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings and the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks. It has also held events for the NBA, NCAA, and figure skating championships. Located off the 110 freeway in the South Park District, around 4 million people visit Staples Center each year.

Los Angeles Coliseum

Located just south of the University of Southern California, the Los Angeles Coliseum is another huge venue for sports fans. In 2016, the St. Louis Rams returned to Los Angeles, and have played at the Coliseum while waiting for the new L.A. Stadium to be completed. The new stadium is set in Inglewood, which is also off the 110 freeway.

Of course, SoCal residents love the convenience of so many activities based in L.A. Unfortunately, that means more traffic, gridlock, and auto accidents are inevitable on our freeways.