Safety Tips For When You Go to the Beach

During the summer months, millions of Americans take trips to the beach. Here are some safety tips for going to the beach that can help keep your family safe:

  • Learn to Swim – Anyone going in the water at the beach should know how to swim.
  • Swim with a Buddy – Swimming with a buddy reduces the risk of drowning. If one swimmer has a problem, the other can assist.
  • Obey Posted Signs – Always obey signs and flags. These help identify hazards, including:
    • Surf Conditions
    • Strong Currents
    • Dangerous Marine Life
    • Water Closed
  • Use Sunscreen – Always use sunscreen that is appropriate for exposure and age. Choose an SPF of 15 or higher, and reapply as directed.
  • Stay Hydrated – Drink plenty of water while enjoying the sun and water. Avoid alcohol and drinks with a lot of sugar, as they can dehydrate you faster.
  • Be Aware of Sea Life – While at the beach, always be aware of sea life on the beach and in the water. Jellyfish and stingrays often hide in shallow water, but can pack a painful sting.
  • Don’t Litter – Dispose of trash properly, even if it is a bottle or can that you find laying around.
  • Follow Ordinances – Most beaches have rules about camping, fires, and vehicles. Always obey these rules.

Whether you are visiting an ocean resort, or are camping at a lakefront beach, it is important to remember to keep safety first.