Personal Injury Matters: When the Responsible Party is a Close Acquaintance or Relative.

In personal injury cases, it is customary for an individual to suffer harm at the hands of a stranger. However, at times the at-fault party happens to be a dear friend or a beloved family member of the injured person. It can be a car accident or a slip-and-fall incident; Majorly, individuals hesitate to pursue a claim against the responsible party as they fear it could harm their relationship.

Though it is a delicate predicament, it is crucial to acquaint oneself with the possible ramifications and explore available options before reaching any decision. To make an informed decision, one must seek guidance from a personal injury attorney.

There are reasons why seeking help from a personal injury attorney is required. It is imperative to recognize that health insurance solely covers medical expenses, leaving many other losses unattended. For individuals who have sustained minor injuries, this coverage is sufficient. However, those who have suffered severe injuries may face additional hardships, including:

  1. Lost income due to inability to work: Taking time off may be required to recover or missing several days over the upcoming weeks to secure requisite treatment. In some cases, people may suffer temporary or permanent disabilities, hindering them from earning a comparable income to what they made before the accident.
  2. Pronounced pain and suffering due to injuries: The repercussions of your injuries could bring pain and suffering, substantially affecting one’s overall quality of life. Sleep disturbances, the inability to enjoy hobbies, or even the simple act of caring for oneself or loved ones can become arduous tasks.

In addition to lost pay, pain, and suffering, out-of-pocket medical expenses such as deductibles or copayments can amount to thousands of dollars. Even after health insurance covers your medical bills, the financial toll of the accident might make you pay a considerable amount. The sole means of recuperating these losses is initiating a compensation claim. It requires the expertise of a skilled personal injury lawyer capable of deftly navigating this challenging situation.

Furthermore, One must understand that one is likely pursuing a claim against an insurance company rather than directly targeting one’s friend or family member. The very purpose of insurance is to provide scope in the event of an accident caused by the policyholder. In most personal injury claims, settlements happen with the insurance company.

Although your claim is predicated upon the negligence of your friend or family member, the insurance company wields control over the entire claims process. They alone determine whether to settle the claim and, if so, for what monetary sum. Beyond offering their account of the events, your friend or relative will bear no influence over the outcome of your claim.

Most personal injury cases hinge on negligence, implying that the individual responsible for the accident did not intend to cause harm. Instead, the accident happened due to a lack of attentiveness or carelessness. Your friend or family member might have been momentarily distracted or preoccupied, neglecting to take necessary precautions to avert the incident.

In truth, we have all found ourselves in similar situations. It is impossible to remain constantly vigilant of our surroundings or fulfill all the requisite tasks to prevent an accident. Life has a pattern of throwing obstacles in our path. Typically, our negligence does not result in any untoward consequences, but on certain occasions, some individuals find themselves responsible for an accident during an unfortunate instant.

When deliberating whether to pursue a claim against your friend or family member, it is vital to remember that you are not asserting their malicious intent, recklessness, or gross negligence. Instead, you acknowledge that the accident occurred due to ordinary carelessness—an unfortunate misfortune that might represent your sole avenue for recovering your losses.

The existence of a competent personal injury lawyer can prove invaluable in circumstances where you have suffered a significant, life-altering injury. 

Such a legal professional comprehensively understands the intricate dynamics surrounding your claim. They possess not only the ability to construct a compelling case and navigate the intricacies of the claim process but also the capacity to comprehend the complex interplay of relationships involved. In essence, they can assist you in securing the necessary compensation while trying to preserve the connections at stake.

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