How to React When a Neighbor’s Dog Bites

Dogs are among the most common pets in American households. As docile and friendly as most dogs are, they are still animals with unpredictable instincts. That means that even dogs in your home, or that of friends or neighbors, can be dangerous if they are provoked, scared, or agitated.

If you or a loved one has been bitten by a neighbor’s dog, you may be unsure of how to react. You may live in the same community, or directly next door, and not want to cause tension. You may also be concerned about whether the dog is healthy and whether you should contact authorities.

Tips For How to React When a Neighbor’s Dog Bites

Here are a few tips for how to react when a neighbor’s dog bites.

Get Medical Attention

Dogs can transmit diseases like rabies, even if they seem to be healthy. Get medical attention to address the bite and the possibility of infection or disease transmission.

Talk to your neighbor

Be rational and calm, and talk to your neighbor about the situation. Express your complaints and attempt to work through the situation in a way that ensures safety and preserves the relationship. You should ask your neighbor:

-For proof of the dog’s immunizations

-What they plan to do to prevent future dog bites

Talk to an Attorney

If your neighbor is uncooperative, or you continue to see the dog acting aggressively, it may be time to talk to an attorney. A personal injury attorney who specializes in dog bite injuries can help guide you in taking steps toward:

-Contacting authorities

-Ensuring community safety

-Pursuing compensation for your losses