Dos and Don’ts when Driving in Construction Zones

Construction zones are a part of keeping roadways safe and maintained. However, most drivers see those telltale orange signs and flags as an annoyance. Uneven lanes, bumpy surfaces, narrow shoulders, and slower speed limits make for frustration when you are trying to get where you need to go with ease.

In places like Los Angeles, construction zones can be even more frustrating because it adds to the congestion that already costs commuters hours each day. Nevertheless, drivers need to slow down and realize that, annoying or not, construction zones are a necessity for keeping things moving.

Dos and Don’ts when Driving in Construction Zones

Here are some “dos and don’ts” for driving in construction zones that may ease your frustration:

What to Do:

  •         Look for the orange diamond signs and follow directions.
  •         Reduce speed and obey restricted speed limits.
  •         Stay clear of orange barrels or cones.
  •         Obey flagmen, even if their direction contradicts a sign.
  •         Be aware of dump trucks and machinery near the roadway.
  •         Check traffic ahead of time to avoid slowdowns and construction.

What NOT to Do:

  •         Never ignore warning signs.
  •         Never speed through a construction zone.
  •         Do not attempt to navigate through or around cones or barrels.
  •         Never drive around a “road closed” sign.
  •         Do not text while driving through a construction zone.
  •         Never attempt to “beat” a truck or machine moving near the road.

Of course, no one likes to be slowed or stuck in traffic. But by being prepared and following these dos and don’ts, you might save yourself some time, frustration, and possibly a ticket.