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Settlement beyond what I had expected

I was getting my eyebrows waxed at the beauty salon when the chair I was sitting in just broke! I fell back hurting my neck and now have three herniated disks.

Mr. Kashani sent me to the most amazing chiropractor that has helped tremendously ease my neck pain and make it easy to function throughout the day now. His approach to achieving justice was done beautifully through equitable assessment and representation of the case and was flawless. His attention to detail and preparation carry and presented my needs as a client. He was always responsive to my phone calls and showed true care and concern.

Mr. Kashani led me to a settlement beyond what I had expected. I now have more than I need for doctor visits and comfortable in continuing therapy in my healing process. I am beyond appreciative for everything he did to help me in this very emotional and painful time. Thank you so much!

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