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Premises Liability

We've succeeded in holding property owners responsible for the injuries of their visitors and customers.
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What is a premises liability case?


Premises liability cases can be based on injuries that occurred on private or public property. Depending on your injury, you may be able to file your case against both the private individuals responsible for the dangerous condition that caused the injury and against the business or corporation that owns the property.


You may have a case if you’ve sustained an injury from:


– Slip-and-fall accidents
– Tripping accidents
– Injuries caused by dog bites or other animal attacks
– Construction-related accidents
– Accidents involving road, sidewalk, or parking lot defects
– Accidents resulting from rental property conditions (i.e. small children falling from unscreened apartment windows)


In determining whether a property owner owes anything to an injured victim, a court must balance a number of considerations, including but not limited to:


– The foreseeability of harm to the plaintiff
– The degree of certainty that the plaintiff suffered injury
– The closeness of the connection between the defendant’s conduct and the injury suffered
– The moral blame attached to the defendant’s conduct
– The policy of preventing future harm
– The extent of the burden to the defendant and consequences to the community of imposing a duty to exercise care with resulting liability for breach
– The availability, cost, and prevalence of insurance for the risk involved



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